Truecaller’s triumph proves how much people love Caller ID

If more people shopped for furniture online, Truecaller might not exist.

The Swedish founders of the hugely popular caller ID app worked for years on an e-commerce service for interiors products. When that didn’t work, they turned their attention to the different problem: when people switch from landlines and phone directories to mobile phones, how do they know who’s calling?

It proved to be a winning insight. People like to know who’s on the line.

Truecaller launched in 2009 and by 2012 it had accumulated over five million users and was performing 120 million caller ID searches every month. Today, it over 100 million active users.

The app proved especially popular in India. In the last few days, news of its success reached a wider public.

Why? Because Mary Meeker featured Truecaller in her Internet Trends Report 2017. This annual publication is a huge event in the tech world. Meeker revealed that Truecaller is India’s fourth most popular app. It has even overtaken Facebook in terms of downloads.

Inevitably, as Truecaller has grown, it has looked to monetize its user activity. The app now delivers over 133 million impressions a day in India alone.

We at Calldorado are not surprised by this. We have teamed up with app developers to popularize caller ID for millions of people. Developers simply add our SDK to their apps to give users rich caller ID functionality.

And we put ads on these caller ID screens. Obviously, users see these ads many times a day – far more frequently than they would with traditional in-app advertising. In fact, Calldorado developers typically deliver around 150 ad impressions per user per month. And that means ALL users – including the inactive ones.

The results can be stunning. The Simple Notepad app, for example, took its monthly revenue from $200 to $2200.

Calldorado can help with user engagement too. Developers can add information about updates on the display screen to entice inactive users back into the app. Studies show up to 10 per cent of users re-engage with an app when Calldorado is installed.

Of course, users do have the option to turn caller ID off if they wish. Yet most don’t. Calldorado’s own metrics show 70 per cent of people keeps the caller ID feature active.