Video: Calldorado explained

An estimated 12,000 visitors and representatives from the app industry attended the two day conference and exhibition ‘Apps World’ in November 2015. As a sponsor of this cutting-edge event, Calldorado was present with a booth and our A-team ready to meet new friends, clients and business partners. 


Check out Calldorado’s CEO, Claudia Dreier-Poepperl, in a video interview made at Apps World London.

Here’s what Claudia had to say;

“Calldorado is caller id sdk and any app developer can integrate it into their app and have and additional functionality for the user – Caller ID.

Why is that relevant?
Because it’s not just giving the user a new function, but the app developer can actually make a lot of money with it. 

A lot of app developers are succesful in generating downloads, but over time they see that usage declines. If you monetize via advertising there’s less and less screens where you actually show advertising. 

One way to counteract that is the Calldorado Caller ID SDK. If that is put on top of the app, no matter whether the user actively uses the app or not, the caller ID SDK will react to phone calls automatically. 

Meaning, every caller Id screen that comes up after a call will have information about the caller, but at the same time it will have some advertising on it. 

That is where we share the revenue generated with the app publisher, who uses our caller ID SDK.”

Wondering if Calldorado could help your app’s revenue? 

Check out how the Simple Notepad app used Calldorado to 10-fold ad revenue within one month. 


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