Video: Caller ID as Monetization Feature

Calldorado CEO, Claudia Dreier-Poepperl elaborates on how publishing a Caller ID App
several years ago lead to the development of the highly revenue generating
Caller ID Advertising SDK, Calldorado.

Thinking “outside the app” can be a lucrative approach to app development. Claudia stresses that keeping users happy is key, and that advertising can be more impactful depending on when the user is exposed to a specific ad.

The typical way to monetize from your app is to adopt in-app advertising. In some cases, this can be counter-productive because too many ads can spoil the app experience for the user. Calldorado offers an alternative. In fact, several app publishers who monetize with the Calldorado SDK have removed in-app advertising for a better user experience in the core app.

Watch the video to get the full story about how and why the Calldorado SDK was developed, as well as tips on best practice when introducing Caller ID advertisements to your existing user base.


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