Want an engagement tool to bring users back to your app? New Calldorado SDK 2.3 is here

We’re excited to announce our updated SDK, bringing you even better ways to re-engage your users and boost ad revenue. We’re particularly pleased to reveal that our engagement field can be personalized even further. Maybe those intrusive and costly push notifications can now be left behind? No need to wait: Calldorado SDK 2.3 is available now on my.calldorado.com

It’s packed with new functionality that you’ll love. We are:

  • Enabling more personalization in the engagement field. Do you want to bring users back to your app by serving news, special alerts or tips related to their app usage? No problem – it can all be done in Calldorado 2.3. You can now urge users to continue where they last left the app, i.e. suggest a gamer who has made it to level 6 to continue to level 7, inform users of new app updates or tease users with parts of their new horoscope. You can display whatever message you like, when you like, make it as personalized as you like it to be and change it as often as you choose. It is all driven by what you choose to feed on your app.
  • Driving higher revenues and a better user experience by enabling you to easily tag information about the user (such as gender, age, location, and interests) so that we can show ads that are even more precisely targeted.
  • Adding support for Apache Cordova
  • Lowering the memory footprint – the new core SDK takes nearly 400KB less space
  • Providing you with manual phone number search for your core app