Working From Home, part 2: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

As we are closing in on completing week 3 of working from home. Join Calldoradians in keeping the spirits as high as ever.

The Calldorado office chat is usually filled to the brim with good news, funny pictures and lots of cake. These days the background of the cakes varies, otherwise we are continuing as normal.

But how to keep these good spirits in trying times? 

With suggestions from our awesome team, we have gathered ideas on how you can make your working-from-home time productive, and today, in part 2 – how to stay happy and healthy


While some struggle to find focus, others might forget to take breaks. When working in an office, breaks usually occur naturally. Maybe it’s between meetings, or walking to the kitchen to get coffee or juice. Working from home requires you to take action into your own hands (or feet!). 

But why plan breaks? Breaks are great for you, both physically and mentally! They also improve productivity, willpower, motivation, creativity, and learning. Sitting all day has its risks, as you can potentially develop health issues; so make sure you get up from your seat on a regular basis. Try to get a walk in during your lunch break (as long as your country allows it), and try and get some kind of cardiovascular exercise every day.

You can find loads of different workout-from-home videos on Youtube. It doesn’t matter if you have any equipment or not; where there’s a will, there’s a way.

If you have an activity watch, set reminders to move! Otherwise, use your phone and set alarms, or use your calendar to set reminders to get moving.

Make sure you call and talk to your colleagues, both to talk work and to just socialize. Imagine a virutal meeting in the kitchen by the coffee machine!

Having fun with colleagues is a great way to keep the mood up! Why not play an online game with colleagues? Here is a list of free two-player games if you need inspiration.

You might want to set an alarm for when your break ends, so you don’t spend all day playing Uno with buddies.


The pandemic brings a time of uncertainty, where we don’t know when society will go back to normal. It’s easy to get stuck in a loop reading news which is continuously developing, , with what seems like breaking stories every time you press refresh. For many it can be very overwhelming, risking mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Consider limiting news and social media, and put your focus on more positive things in your daily life.

Having fun is key to keeping up a good mood: Seek and share uplifting and positive things that will make you (and others) feel better. Acknowledge that not all are laughing at the 6th Covid-meme of the day. Although it for some is helpful to make light of the situation, others might find it overwhelming and contribute to stress, so consider focusing on other things.

If you feel like you are being overexposed to negativity, set boundaries and be vocal about letting people know you are more interested in talking about other topics for a while.

Try shifting your focus from what you cannot control, like whether or not others are following the rules of social distancing, predicting what will happen, or other’s reactions, to focusing on having a positive attitude, your own social distancing and finding fun things to do at home (@thecounselingteacherbrandy).


Just because we are practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you have to do it emotionally too. Quite the contrary!

Don’t cancel all your social arrangements, move them online instead.

It’s 2020, and we are all very grateful for the fact that we can make video calls to anywhere in the world – virtually for free: Skype, Messenger, the new Netflix-party plugin. The options are many, and you can still hang out with your friends and family, from a safe distance.

It’s also an excellent time to do some of the things you have been putting off for a while. Spring cleaning, de-clutter, learn a new skill, a new language. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to watch a series, get into yoga or read some books. Instead of focusing on what you cannot do over the next few weeks, why not make a list of everything you can do? Or look up lists online, for inspiration.

Let’s focus on the good things! Take breaks, socialize with your colleagues and avoid sitting still all day. Make sure you take time to relax. And of course, continue doing your awesome job, stay home, practice social distancing and wash your hands.

We’ll get through this, together (but separately)!

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