Passive app users also make you money. Seriously

Add Calldorado Caller ID to your Android app. Engage your users and make money from mobile ads every time they make a call. It’s free & only available from Calldorado.

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How it works

New free feature for your Android app – Caller ID

Enrich your Android app feature set with free Caller ID in your app’s look and feel – an app monetization feature which supports all Android devices. Caller ID shows call information after a user makes or receives a call.

User engagement field

Increase user engagement by deep-linking directly to your app or game from every Caller ID screen. Extend the lifetime value of your app – customize the Engagement Field with a special message (e.g. your logo, text, images) and link to a specific feature or level in your app or game.

Monetize active & inactive users

Boost your Android app revenue from ads that appear at the end of every call as a part of the Caller ID screen. This way you can monetize your entire user-base and extend the lifetime value of your users – both the active and inactive.


Easy Integration

Integration in less
than 10 minutes

Supports Android Studio, Eclipse, Unity & GameMaker: Studio

Best Practice & Documentation Guide



Manage your apps and SDK’s in one place. Get access to dashboards and detailed impression and revenue reports. Share access with team members for a smooth workflow.


Design the SDK in your app’s look & feel and select which Caller ID screens you want your app users to see. Change colors, fonts and upload your app logo.


Users have full control over the Caller ID feature and changes will be communicated clearly. Furthermore, Calldorado complies with Google’s Developer Policies.


Engage and retain users by showing engagement messages that link directly from the Caller ID screen to your app through deep-linking.


Offer your premium paying users an ad-free Caller ID experience.


Activate the Caller ID feature at any time during the app user lifecycle.

Success Stories


Billy – Top Music Chart

Billy – Top Music Chart used the Calldorado Caller ID SDK to 5 fold ad revenue within one month…


Simple Notepad

Simple Notepad used Calldorado to 10-fold ad revenue within one month…

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