Calldorado puts your app in the
spotlight with every phone call

How it works

Bring your app’s content or features to users directly in a smart and effective way with the Calldorado SDK. People make phone calls every day, and Calldorado helps identify calls. By linking your app features to phone calls and making them an integral part of your app’s experience you can increase your app’s usage.

But that’s not all. You will also generate revenue by monetizing every phone call, generating 150+ after-call impression per user every month.

To make it easier to put your app features in the spotlight we have developed a number of ready-to-go templates, as well as a blank-slate generic template you can customise with your own native features.

Is your app Calldorado ready?

Calldorado was designed for Android apps that have a natural fit with phone calls.
Typically, such apps are in the communication, tools, lifestyle, business, personalization, or productivity categories.

We recommend that you contact us to find out if your app is a match for the Calldorado SDK.

Grow your user base

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Get free growth money

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Native Field Template Samples

Messaging template

The messaging template allows users write and send texts directly after finishing a call.

Email template

The email template allows users to write and send emails directly after a completed call.

Call-recorder template

The recorder template allows users to initiate recording while the phone rings, and listen to it right after the call’s completed.

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